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    Visitor Management

    an efficient and effective solution to manage visitors at your facility

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    Material Management

    is programmed to keep track of materials moving in and out of the facility

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    Office Management

    an efficient solution to manage your courier, keys, vehicles and calls

Visitor Tracking and Management Solution

Whether manning an organization with a large workforce or company or a small office, all businesses have to deal with visitors on a daily basis. This is why safety and security become key aspects of day-day functioning. Automating the entire process saves time and TouchPoint Visitor tracking software offers an efficient and effective solution to manage visitors in your facility.

Visitor Management Made Easy

Manual systems are tedious and time consuming. Our visitor management software records all-relevant information about the visitor, which is automatically stored on to a database. The visitor management software captures visitors' information which is stored in a database. The system provides professionally designed prints of visitor badges and passes.

This system is quite easy to use. The software has each of its fields translated into colloquial English; this allows it to be operated by anyone with an elementary understanding of English.



Creating an appointment for visitors is simple with Touchpoint – either through the Mobile app or website/WAP www.fixmyvisit.com or Touchpoint software

  • TouchPoint Mobile app helps employees create and track their appointments
  • Visitor appointment creation through website (www.fixmyvisit.com), online link, mobile WAP and mobile application
  • Appointment approval/reschedule feature
  • Options to pre-register & self register appointments
  • Employee can approve, reject, modify or comment on visitor appointments
  • Security users can view the online appointments in their dashboard and easily check-in appointment based visitors
  • Appointment acknowledgement mailed to visitor & host means printed pass is ready on your visitor's arrival!

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in and check-out with TouchPoint is fast and efficient. With the use a tab / mobile / kiosk / website or our software at the security office, the entire process is so streamlined it barely takes any time, in case of a scheduled appointment, it is even faster!

  • Check in a visitor, based on approval by host through mobile app or browser pop-ups
  • Speed check-in for frequent visitors
  • Fingerprint for instant check-ins
  • Check-in enabled with tablets, i-pads & kiosks
  • Self check-in can be done online and on site
  • Visitors can generate their own pass on site, via the Bluetooth label printer


TouchPoint notifications are enabled through SMS, email, pop-up alerts or push notifications. This ensures that you are always notified no matter where you are.

  • When a visitor arrives or exits, you are notified via SMS/email/browser pop-up/mobile app
  • Notification message with visitor's photograph
  • In case of unforeseen delay leading to the visitor waiting, simply leave a comment on the notification and they are informed.
  • Overstay notification sent to visitor and host by SMS
  • Notification message with the visitor's photograph

Security Features

TouchPoint ensures your premise is secure from unwanted intrusions. We help you define access areas for visitors, ensure secure check-ins and also track blacklisted visitors.

  • Visitor mobile number verified through verification code
  • Pass return notification to verify visitor's exit
  • Evacuation report
  • Alert on blacklisted visitor entries
  • Access areas printed on visitor pass

Contractor Management

TouchPoint software extends its functionality beyond Visitor Management. It helps record the movement of contractors who regularly visit your premises.

  • Create detailed profiles of contractors with photographs & identification
  • Control when check-in can be done by defining contract period and the working hours.
  • Helps track contracted hours & billing, based on time at premises.
  • Easy check-ins for repeat visits by the contractor


Not all business requirements are the same, we understand this and that is why our visitor management system is easily configurable to suit the needs of any business. A high level of configurability and usability is what makes TouchPoint the preferred Visitor Management software across various industry verticals.

  • Pre-defined multiple templates to choose the one that suits your business
  • Role-wise data access
  • Multi-location and Multilingual support
  • Notifications by way of SMS/email/mobile alerts
  • A comprehensive dashboard with charts, graphs and information-at-a glance
  • Help available at all stages by way of Support pages, FAQs and User guide download options
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